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There are two required output files for each GSSHA simulation. These two files are specified with the OUTLET_HYDRO and SUMMARY project file cards, and contain the hydrograph at the catchment outlet and a summary of model performance, respectively (Table 21).

In addition to specified outputs GSSHA automatically outputs a file called MASKMAP which is an GRASS ASCII map of the cell numbers as stored internally within GSSHA. This file can be used to locate problem cells when GSSHA gives a message referring to the cell number, instead of the i and j location. When continuous simulations are performed GSSHA also outputs a file called evap_out which list basin wide average hourly values of: soil moisture, potential evaporation (cm hr-1), actual ET (cm hr-1), infiltration rate (cm hr-1), groundwater recharge (cm hr-1), continuous frozen ground index, temperature (C), gridded temperature (C), surface soil temperature (C).

GSSHA User's Manual

14 Output
14.1     Required Flags and Files
14.2     Run Summary File
14.3     Optional Flags
14.4     Time Series Data at Internal Locations
14.5     WMS Hydrograph File
14.6     Time Series Maps