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Spatially and temporally uniform rainfall is specified with project file cards. Place the PRECIP_UNIF card in the project file, and specify the rainfall rate (mm/hr) and duration (minutes) with the RAIN_INTENSITY and RAIN_DURATION cards, respectively. Since GSSHA normally determines the starting date and time of a simulation from the rainfall input file, this information must be provided in the project file using the START_DATE and START_TIME cards. For example, the following five lines entered in a project file specify a rainfall rate of 27 mm/h, for a duration of 60 minutes, starting on 12 June 1996 at 13:30. Note that the date/time format in GSSHA input is always year, month, day, hour, and minute.

START_DATE 1996 6 12
START_TIME 13 30  

The use of spatially- and temporally-uniform rainfall is mutually exclusive with continuous simulations using the LONG_TERM project file card. Do not specify both PRECIP_UNIF and LONG_TERM in the same project file.

GSSHA User's Manual

6 Precipitation
6.1     Spatially and Temporally Uniform Precipitation
6.2     Spatially and Temporally Varied Precipitation
6.3     Interpolation Between Gages
6.4     Interception