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Turning on the contour option allows any data set to be contoured. Contours options are set for any gridded data set by right-clicking on the data set and selecting Contour Options. An option for gridded data sets is cell fill contouring. The cell fill contouring fills the entire grid cell with the same color according to its computed function value. The Contour Options dialog can be used to control all of the different available options. The Color Ramp Options are used to specify the coloring scheme of contours and whether or not a legend of values is drawn. More information on contouring can be found in the WMS Help File (Nelson 2005).


Animation sequences are created in WMS’s Film Loop dialog using a series of saved images. Prior to running an animation, the Setup dialog should be brought up so that the size of images, number of time-steps, and other display parameters can be set. Upon exiting the Setup dialog, an image for each time-step of the animation is created. After all images have been created, they can be played back using the VCR-like controls of the Film Loop dialog. Animation files may be saved as AVI files so that subsequent runs do not require the setup process but can simply be read into the Film Loop dialog or run in any standard AVI players.

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